Q: Is Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer safe?

A: All ingrredients in Orange Guard meet the Food and Drug Administration GRAS food grade standard. It has also been classified as NON HAZARDOUS by NOHSC.

Q: How long does Orange Guard work?

A: Exposure to the air shortens the life of Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer’s repellent effect. It works best when sprayed inside cracks and crevices or when the surface is absorbent. It should be stored at room temperature and never boiled or frozen.

Q: I have ants in my garbage bin, what can I do?

A: Using a spray setting, saturate visible ants and spray inside of the garbage bin, taking time to get inside cracks and crevices. Spray the ant trail as far as possible.

Q: Can I spray ny food preparation areas with Orange Guard?

A: Absolutely you can. Remember Do not spray directly on the food itself. Always read the directions on the label.

Q: Can I spray my carpet with Orange Guard ?

A: Yes. Orange Guard is an excellent pre wash for fleas. Steam clean after use and remember if you are not sure, you should ALWAYS try a patch test on whatever you are sparying.

Q: Will Orange Guard stain cement?

A: Orange Guard is entirely water-soluble. Any marks, should rinse clean with water.

Q: Does myfleatrap work during the day?

A: As myfleatrap uses light to attatract fleas, it works best at night in dark areas.

Q: Does myfleatrap remove fleas off my pet?

A: No, it does not remove fleas off the pet but removes fleas from the environment where pets sleep and play.

Q: Does myfleatrap contain any pheromones to attract the fleas?

A: No it does not. It uses the LED lights to attract the fleas.

Q: How long does the sticky disc last for?

A: Depending on how many fleas are caught, will vary how long the disc remains sticky. It is also best to close the trap when NOT in use, to prolong use.