Bed Moat

A sleek, new, innovative and effective bed bug monitor to assist in the battle against bed bugs 24/7

  • Protection from bed bugs entering your bed.
  • Capture any bugs leaving your bed.
  • Cost effective.
  • Discreet square design.
  • No chemicals!
  • Perfect for apartments, institutions, dormitories, hotels and homes.

The Bed Moat is a square monitor.
The device’s outer size is 12 cm x 12 cm
The inner moat, where the leg of furniture will be placed in, is 10 cm x 10 cm.
The height is 2.5 cm

Incorporate The Bed Moat as part of an early detection program for bed bugs.

The Bed Moat should be installed as a preventative measure for a cost effective treatment before an infestation breaks out.

Reassuring in post-treatment, The Bed Moat determines the success of the treatment or continues in identifying areas that require ongoing attention.

Early monitoring is crucial in controlling Bed Bugs

Australians are very anxious about the spread of bed bugs into their homes, workplaces and schools. Only one bed bug, a pregnant female, is all that is needed to cause an infestation. Waiting until the remnants of a blood meal are on your sheet or pillow is not necessary to know that professional help is needed. The cost of bed bug treatments can soar depending on the amount of bugs present and may get to a point where teams of professionals and many thousands of dollars are needed to control the problem.

Using a simple monitor is a cost effective solution. The Bed Moat fits under the leg of your bed and captures bed bugs entering for a blood meal. This monitor will also catch bed bugs exiting after feeding. The Bed Moat captures bugs in its hyper polished moat. This type of monitor is extremely cost effective in numerous places including homes, dormitories, apartments, hotels, and club houses. Using a passive monitor is excellent in keeping your pest control company in check as once a place has been treated, a simple monitor, The Bed Moat, keeps guard if any bed bugs were missed during the treatment. (The use of mattress encasements is also highly recommended, giving one a sound sleep after dealing with this scourge).

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