About Us

Determined to make a difference

Our reason for being

Natrapest’s goal is to provide Australians with a range of safe pest control solutions and products that don’t impact the environment – or the health of our community.

Backed by experience, knowledge and commitment

Natrapest – a division of  SOS Pest Control,  are a team of pest control experts who are determined to make a difference.

After more than 20 years in the industry, our aim is to provide the safest and greenest solutions to your pest issues,

We undergo vigorous research and product testing before using any product.

In other words, it must pass the five-star ‘Natrapest Test’:

  • It must be safe for people, children and pets
  • It must be safe for our environment.
  • It must be effective. No compromises.
  • It must be easy-to-use. No expertise required.
  • It must be affordable. Price will be no deterrent.

We partner with like-minded retailers

As Australians become more and more environmentally aware, they also start choosing differently at the checkout. We partner with a growing number of retailers who embrace this vital shift in consumer spending and responsibility.

At Natrapest, we believe everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment and keeping our community safe.